Alina Szabłowska
psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist


I can help if you think about major life changes, such as considering marriage, divorce, retirement, career change, other life transitions, or if you are trying to cope with grief and loss.

If you are suffering with depression, anxiety, struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings, or have a personal relationship or family problem to sort out, you are invited to telephone or email to make an appointment. Complete confidentiality is assured.

I provide help in Polish and English. I respond quickly to new enquiries, and can usually offer an appointment within a week.

I work with people who want to know and understand their behavior, emotions and thoughts. Working with me is discovering how the past and the old relationships affect activities and present intimate relationships.

There is no charge for an initial consultation by email.
If you wish to contact me for an initial consultation, or to find out about my other professional psychotherapeutic interests, please contact me on email: asza@orunia.nsm.pl or by telephone: +44(0)7 448 168 600

If you’re noticing one or more of these warning signs in your relationship.
I work with couples in a series of 24 sessions, preceded by two consultations. Sessions are held throughout the year, every other week and last for 60 minutes. The aim of therapy is to build more rewarding relationship. If you’re noticing one or more of these warning signs in your relationship, consider couples therapy:
- Continued abandonment. Most of us seek relationship to create a sense of connection and attachment. If you are experiencing a sense of isolation in your relationship, especially as a result of withdrawal, distance, or a sense of being ignored, this may be a sign of unresolved conflict, resentment, or anxiety.
- Negative use of power such as criticism, or negative judgments, or more directly as control of resources or behavior, that make us feel belittled, unvalued, or unworthy.
- Little sex, leading to feelings of rejection or obligation. When life stressors and relationship anxieties accure with time, many relationships devolve into lack of physical intimacy and sexual disconnection.
- Lack of empathy. We all need to feel understood, but, different styles of communication, roles, or ways of addressing anxiety, leading to feelings of invisibility and disrespect.
- Fighting to win. Being right often costs the relationship as conflict becomes an all out war for victory or righteous indignation: leading to feelings of anger, frustration, and powerlessness.
- Mistrust. Suspicion, spying, and invasion of privacy are rooted in fears being the result of past behaviors or individual insecurities. This leads to feelings of entrapment, lack of support, and violation.
- Lack of appreciation. All of us thrive on complements, acknowledgement, and appreciation; yet, many of us stifle these responses. This leads to a relationship where members feel hopeless, unwanted, and unloved.
By recognizing the signs of relationship trouble, you can begin to repair and enrich the relationship. It is recommended for the couples who are currently in crisis, and would like to repair the relationship twarda more fulfilling life together.

My consulting room is in Gdansk,at Emilii Hoene Street 3A/1.

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